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Charging Your iPhone the Wrong Way? Break These Habits Right Now

  Charge Your Phone The Wrong Way?

Charging Your Phone the wrong way can result in an array of problems. This could include damage to your battery and other hardware. Not only will charging your phone for too long or repeatedly break your bank, but overcharging your smartphone and battery could also be dangerous since it can drain your cell phone's charge entirely and cause you to run out of power. If not plugged into power, then what is your first instinct when you're about to charge your iPhone? But there are ways around these habits, and they're easy to commit to. So here are some methods on how we charge our phones like our cars.

Charge When Charging Is Too Much

It might sound weird, but many iPhone owners charge their phones while driving, which can make them stop being able to function properly when an accident occurs. In fact, people are more likely to get into car crashes when they have to charge their phone in all times of day. Just because your phone is going to need its juice when it goes running doesn't mean you shouldn't be charging it in the right place! Instead of waiting for your phone to go dead before you charge your iPhone, plug it in, and enjoy life on your drive to work or school before getting back home. You can always charge at the office if you want, but it'll be better to put it to use every once in awhile.

Charge Once More At A Time

If you find yourself on an endless cycle of taking your phone out of full charge, then maybe it's time to cut down on how many charges you take so you don't end up on top of another charge. There is a simple solution here — whenever you can, charge your iPhone the second you get home, or even earlier! It won't ruin your morning commute because then you have a small amount of juice to start your workday. Also, having a couple of hours of extra power will provide a lot of energy for your body, making you feel awesome afterward.

Keep All Chargers Away From Each Other

Of course, no one wants their charging port to be next to each other. So in order to avoid this problem, keep your current iPhones close when not using them. Then, whenever someone comes over, you don't waste any power by having both ports next to each other. Lastly, make sure to recharge your batteries on the go instead of leaving them overnight.

Charge Through USB Ports

Charge through USB-only ports, and you're done charging your iPhone to death. Don't worry, though, you can still charge your phone through standard USB ports too! Since you can charge your phone through USB-only ports, you don't have to worry about damaging your phone, battery, or charging station. To do so, connect your phone to one side of a charger and let your charger keep it plugged in. After finishing charging, you just plug the other side of the charger in and switch off your phone when finished. You can use this method when you're at home all day, if you're comfortable with everything else.

Charge On An Airplane Mode, Then Connect Everything Back Again

Sometimes, you'll be stuck in traffic and you need to save power by keeping your phone on airplane mode but still using the standard USB charger. That's fine; you can charge through a regular USB adapter too if needed, and if you have a charger that keeps the iPhone from draining out, it'll provide a fair amount of juice just to get you back from where your iPhone started.

Use Portable Power Banks Instead Of Smart Chargers

It's hard to be perfect when using a mobile charger when it comes to saving power. However, many portable power banks come with different functions that you just don't get with smart chargers. For example, this portable charger has an infrared light that looks like a cigarette. This allows you to see when your iPhone is charging or if it has been done. While this is a very handy feature, it may not be the best thing since it can ruin your battery as well as your phone.

Charge By Hand

If you've got a compatible iPhone charger, you can charge your phone through a dock or even by using the original charger. Although doing it through an actual connector might seem like cheating for those who don't get to charge their smartphones every once in awhile, it works fine. For example, try turning your iPhone over while holding the cord to your charger and see what happens. It is possible for your iPhone to show up connected and charged and then not charge any further after doing so. You can charge right through when you aren't expecting to, but again, if you're prepared to wait long enough, you can also charge it again by hand, which probably means you can charge without worrying about running out of battery.

Charge Yourself First

Lastly, there are devices available that allow you to control when your iPhone will charge, providing a little bit of "power back in my pocket." I'm talking about such things as the ChargeMaster 30, ChargeXor, and others, which allow you to give your iPhone the power of twenty to allow it charge fully. And it's good to let this happen so often that your battery is completely drained away and you have no reason to use your iPhone anymore. With this, you don't need to worry about going out of power while out in public since your phone doesn't charge quite as quickly as before. Also, there is nothing worse than getting back into a fight with yourself when you get back home, and so you don't want to worry about recharging an iPhone before bed.

Overall Charge Your Phone As Safely As Possible

Charging your iPhone is an important aspect of any modern device, and charging the wrong way can lead to serious consequences. It can also ruin its performance. Therefore, do not worry so much about charging every time you get home or to class. What matters is how much charging will be beneficial and whether it's worth it. Be smart about it and know what you need to do. Otherwise, you'll just be left with a charger and the same level of anxiety about recharging.

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